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"Considering the passing of the Experiential Learning Policy Paper, we as an institution are committed to enacting change based on the PCRs as passed by the USC. I am committed to the internal creation of work-integrated learning opportunities across campus, with a specific focus on paid opportunities."
how do we tackle this?
Career Integrated Learning

By the time you are graduating you should have an opportunity to learn how to market yourself at various points throughout your degree. Students should be equipped with career readiness tools before they enter the workplace. Through the seats on the Experiential Learning Task Force, and SCAPA, and alongside The Careers & Experience Department, I want to expedite the process of having a CIL component in every module by 2025. 

Compensating Students for their Work

Students deserve compensation for their work, the University should only partner with Work Integrated Learning partners that compensate students. Considering that in many non-STEM disciplines the opportunity for paid internships and work-integrated learning is rare. Paid opportunities should be made available equally across campus for different faculties.

International Students

International students experience distinct barriers with culture and sometimes language when it comes to applying for jobs in Canada. I am committed to advocating for funding for a Work Readiness Program for international students interested in experiential learning. This work would be facilitated through the International and Exchange Student Centre and The Careers & Experience Department.


With opportunities for experiential learning and career development being spread across various websites and job boards. Students feel a sense of ambiguity when it comes to where they should begin their job search. I would like to advocate for the creation of a central database for all working opportunities available to students. This database will be available on Student Centre, ensuring that every student has access to opportunities. Students should also be matched up with jobs that fit with their experiences and degree types, so that they are not forced to sift through the many applications.

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