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Commitment to Decolonization

"In our land acknowledgments, we as an institution committed to decolonization through our academic practices as an institution."
how does this translate to academics?
Creation of Courses in Every Module 

One of the terms of reference for SCAPA is to provide “proposals for new or modified academic policies (including admission and progression requirements) that are within the committee’s purview” (SCAPA TOR). I want to advocate for the creation of courses in every module that deal directly with decolonization, either through learning about the environmental impact of Canadian practices, the work of Indigenous leaders or the struggles of Indigenous communities created by the colonial structures that we are a part of. I recognize that the creation of courses is a lengthy process, however, there are course that are currently offered in many faculties surrounding one of these three academic areas, I would like to propose a short term stopgap solution, wherein these courses will count to the progression of different program modules allowing students to take these courses and have them count towards their degrees.

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