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Augustine Mendes

Vice-President University Affairs

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The VPUA is in charge of all internal advocacy to the university administration in order to develop evidence-informed positions on issues affecting students that are governed by university policies and programs. The VPUA works with students, and student leaders to ensure that the integrity of academics and student experience is student-centric.

What does the day-to-day look like?
  1. Research best practices for student affairs and academics in order to address student concerns relating to their university experience and write USC Policy Papers, position papers and briefs for university administration 

  2. Reviewing university body agendas and minutes in addition to general news updates for issues affecting students and attending all relevant university meetings (there are a lot of them)

  3. Oversee the development and execution of campaigns on internally-facing student issues in order to promote student engagement on student issues in order to elevate student concerns to the university and raise awareness about USC advocacy 

  4. Meet regularly with university administration on behalf of student issues informed by research and student feedback 

  5. Supervise and lead a team of coordinators and associates - coordinating and approving budgets, day-to-day logistical support, conflict management, community outreach, and professional development

All this information comes directly from the VPUA terms of reference and is in accordance with the mandate as outlined in the job description.

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